Mini Tesla Coil

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Size: 11*11*11cm Weight: 627g Voltage: 63v DC Power: 60w


The product can be turned on for a long time in low frequency mode, it is recommended not to use it for a long time and high frequency

★You only need to twist an electric needle and plug in the power source to experience the charm of lightning in the palm. Square wave music can be played to increase its playability. The music file is a QR code Baidu cloud link, contact customer service to send the link

★The left knob controls the size of the arc, and the clockwise pointer is twisted. The right knob controls the fixed frequency frequency, and clockwise speeds up the arc spray frequency.

★The switch is in fixed frequency mode, and the knob can adjust the arc frequency and size

★Pause in the middle of the switch

★Turn on the switch to the music mode, use the audio cable to link the mobile phone to turn on the maximum playback, and the knob can adjust the arc size

★The power supply of this Tesla coil is only 62v DC, and the low-voltage power supply ensures safety, and the effect is comparable to that of a desktop-level commercial half-bridge Tesla coil.

★ 2M high frequency secondary, even if you touch the arc with your hands, it will not be too painful. At low frequencies, you can freely play the arc between your palms. The frequency of the music mode is higher. When the arc is concentrated at one point, there will be a burning sensation

The power supply is a DC power adapter, a set includes a power supply, no other accessories, and no grounding. Compared with the Tesla coil plugged into 220 mains, this is more stable. Fans who have worked with the mains Tesla coil know that the Tesla power tube plugged into the mains is easily damaged due to high-voltage spikes. This power supply is only 63V DC, only one-fifth of the rectified mains. The heat sink is equipped with a temperature control switch, the power supply also has over-current protection, the pulse width of the music mode is limited, and multiple protections. The disadvantage is that there is no fan for heat dissipation (because the heat is very low), do not run at maximum power for too long, so as to avoid the temperature control protection too fast